Arabic Alphabet

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Arabic AlphabetThe Arabic Alphabet is used by hundreds of millions of people all over the world. It is the writing form of one of the widely used languages in both ancient and modern times. Get to know this Arabic form of writing as you read on the 7 Must Know Facts about the Arabic Alphabet below.

The Arabic Alphabet is Thousands of Years Old

The Arabic Alphabet is derived from Nabataean Aramaic almost two thousand years ago. Although some accounts would say that the alphabet is just a little bit over 1000 years old, inscriptions written in Arabic have been found dating back from about 500 years AD, making it clear that the writing system is a lot older than previously thought.

The Arabic Alphabet is Related to the Hebrew Alephbet

Because the Arabic way of writing has Aramaic roots, it is safe to say that it is also related to Hebrew Alphabet from which Aramaic evolved. They all share a common lineage from Phoenician letter forms with the Arabic Alphabet being unique by the addition of dots in its letter forms making it a visually beautiful way of writing.

The Arabic Alphabet Has Two Main Types

As of present day, we have Classical Arabic and Modern Standard Arabic. The Modern Standard Arabic is what is used by modern speakers and can be understood by all of the Arabic world. The Classical Arabic is what was used to write the Q’uran. It is more archaic and even though Islamic people can recite the contents of the Q’uran, not everyone can read or understand it in its original written form.

The Arabic Alphabet has 28 Letters

This is interesting because the modern western alphabet has 26, the Hebrew Alphabet has 22. It shows how related the various forms of writing we have today are from each other and how much commonality they have.

The Arabic Alphabet May Have Over 30 Modern Variations

Because modern Arabic has over 30 colloquial varieties, it just follows that the way it is written may have slight variations as well. Being spoken by over 220 million individuals, it is easy to see how the writing forms may evolve more as the years go by, with various regions making both the Arabic language and its writing form adapted to their culture and location.

The Arabic Alphabet is Written from Right To Left

The western way of writing is from left to the right of the page, the eastern languages is usually from the top of the page to the bottom or horizontal, but the Arabic way of writing is from the right side to the left side of the page. Although it is not the only writing form that uses this method, it does add a uniqueness to the Arabic Alphabet that is fun to know even though you may not be a language or writing expert.

The Arabic Alphabet is Written in a Cursive Form

Once of the most ornate and beautiful forms of writing, writing in Arabic is inherently beautiful because of the quality of its letter forms to change shape as the letters are joined together to form words. The combination of this and the dots in the letters make for an almost embroidery like form of writing which can be appreciated even by those unfamiliar with Arabic Alphabet.

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